About Us

E-debttrading.com was first established in 2005 in response to the need for a central platform for the sale and purchase of non-performing loans in Asia. Prior to the launch of e-debttrading.com the regional market for secondary loan trades was relatively illiquid.

Our Business

The initial success of e-debttrading.com was founded on independence, transparency, good corporate governance, execution certainty and never taking a financial position in any trade. We have been able to assist vendors prepare user-friendly buyer packages and also provide free asset management software for portfolio sellers when needed. Meanwhile, our broad cross section of registered users, including some of the largest global institutions and investors, ensures our tenders are viewed by the widest possible market, which in turn provides sellers with the confidence of knowing that they are connecting with enough of the competitive market to ensure the best possible sales price is achieved.

Our Products

The original product range for e-debttrading.com was solely non-performing loans. It was quickly thereafter extended to include both performing and non-performing debt (corporate and/or sovereign); shares; bonds & debentures; as well as foreclosed assets. Auctions have been successfully executed for both single or portfolio trades, using either an open or closed tender platform.

The e-debttrading.com platform has recently been further broadened to include new product lines, such as M & A, investment opportunities, financing requirements, and regional insolvency situations.

Our Clients

As part of our privacy policy, we are not able to disclose the identities of our clients, but e-debttrading.com has more than 100 registered users which include commercial banks, investment banks, government agencies, insurance companies, investment funds and private investors.

Our People

E-debttrading.com was founded by partners of Baker Tilly (Thailand) a member of Baker Tilly International, the 8th largest accounting and audit practice in the world. Globally, there are in excess of 500 Baker Tilly offices in 110 countries employing over 24,000 staff, and in Asia Pacific there are offices in 22 countries giving access to over 5,000 people.

The Baker Tilly international network prides itself on syndicating the benefits of thorough local knowledge together with the scale of resources available from a global organisation. This international-domestic partnership philosophy- importing the best global expertise whilst remaining sensitive to local issues- is also carried over into e-debttrading.com.

The e-debttrading.com management team is highly experienced with a tremendous track record in banking advisory, compliance, funds management, loan servicing, asset management, M & A, NPL loan and portfolio diligence, valuation and sale. They are well-practiced in dealing with local and international financial institutions, governments and regulators. They are proficient on both Buy and Sell sides, and maintain strong connections with regional and global investor bases and buyer networks. Since the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the e-debttrading.com management team has executed over USD 25 billion in debt transactions.

Our Management Team

John Ginnane